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  • I see all the classes listed are virtual - do you do on-site, face-to-face?"
    Yes - we will do any training you see on the site in either virtual or face-to-face formats. The latter tends to cost more due to the "planes, trains and automobiles" factor and the expense and time necessary to each. Ask us about coming to your location for any class or training you need, whether you see it on the site here or not. or 802-558-6101
  • Can I pay for the class with a corporate purchase order (instead of paying by credit card, debit card, PayPal or Apple Pay?")
    We are glad to accept purchase orders from established companies in the fuel industry. Note that early registration discounts are only available to those paying at the time of order with credit card, debit card, PayPal or Apple Pay. Pricing for purchase order purchases will be at the published, non-discounted price. All invoices tendered to customers for classes are due upon receipt.
  • I don't see a class that i could really use
    Don't see a class you want? Just ask us. We have a ton of classes and sessions on the drawing board at any given time but we just havent gotten to it to the point we can put it out there. Any direct request will put that class on a faster track to development and release so by all means, be the "Squeaky Wheel". See that class but it has already happened? The majority of the classes we put forth are the result of a single inquiry. We often set a class in motion when a company asks for the session. We just create it and then tell the rest of the propane world about it.
  • Additives & Specialty Chemicals - new December 2021
    We are pleased to be working with Van Smith Company of Washington DC and offering their fuel additives and specialty chemicals for sale here starting December 2021. Contact for more info. Additional products will be coming to the store soon
  • Don't have an e-commerce site yet?  Sell your products here
    Ask us about selling your products and services on this site. We don't have recurring fees or minimum order requirements. You pay when you make a sale and not before and our fee, typically a percentage of the final sale, is very low when compared to the "big guys",
  • You can sell your goods, services with us
    in April 2022 we began accepting goods and services related to the fuel industry for sale here on the "Store" at more will come here but by all means contact us at and we will tell you how it might work for you
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