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02-22-22 CETP ACCELERATED Book One Basic Principles & Practices live, online, instructor-led, interactive class


revised 020722 100pm EST


If you have purchased or are considering purchasing one or more registrations for the 02-22-22 CETP ACCELERATED Book One Basic Principles & Practices live, online, instructor-led, interactive class,  a summary of what you need to know is contained herein.  You may have already seen this on the store class description (though it may have been truncated there), or Mike Digiorgio or Shane Sweet  may have emailed it to you after your purchase.

The original of this document can be seen at


GET THE PDF - You can download a pdf of the CETP Book One at this link -



THIS IS THE ACCELERATED version of the Book One class.  Completion, including the exam, is done in less than ONE DAY.  Our typical, non-accelerated Book One class is usually done in TWO days.  Read further to see if this class will work for YOU.

Read our general explanation of Accelerated Classes at this link:

You are responsible for reading and understanding the information in the document at the link above.  A short explanation follows:

The 02-22-22 Class is Accelerated.  What the Fast Track “Acceleratedl Course IS NOT!

Accelerated course is not a strategically and tactically presented introductory course for inexperienced or new employees with NO Cargo Tank Motor Vehicle (BOBTAIL) knowledge. The course is not an in-depth program that drills down on each module. The training program does not provide detailed explanations of the course content.

Accelerated means PRIOR EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED or student self-instruction is imperative to pass the final exam for this accelerated class.


What an Accelerated Course IS

It is a professional development program focused on experienced professionals. Attendees will aggressively complete a workshop training that will provide key learnings together with best practices to advance through the program. It is our final goal to allow attendees to study with a live instructor and pass the final exam and to ensure the attendees a total value learning experience similar to Blended Learning or better.  Students are expected to read up on all modules. Students must complete the module quizzes prior to class. This is an essential component to instructor led accelerated learning. Prior to completing the module quizzes and the pre certification exam participants must study the glossary first. The glossary is a fantastic resource for self study.

Accelerated offerings requires some self-study or advance preparation and this will allow the actual class to complete in less time than is typical.  In this case, that is completion in one day, including live electronic testing on the PERC website at the end of the instructor-led session.

Note the text description on the Store for his class may have been truncated due to site space limitations.  If you are reading this in a pdf - or the original Google Doc via the link above, it is the full length version of this summary.


Cost:  Per Person, the cost is $250.  (same price as our non-accelerated Book One class) Ask us about multiple student discounts if you have 6 or more.


The store accepts Credit cards or Paypal.  The “offline payment” or “manual payment” essentially means you will pay by check or other means after you register via the store and before the class.   If you have any problems with paying by card,  use the offline payment choice and we will invoice your company.   We have had reports of customers having issues with American Express for some reason.

Your payment will be processed via PayPal or “Wix Payments” and will appear as Shane Sweet or Shane Sweet LLC on your card statement

This two-day CETP Propane Basic Principles class is Live - not a recording, not a video - and will be led and instructed by Mike Digiorgio of Silverback Consulting, one of America's recognized propane instructors, consultants and trainers.

The online class begins at 8 a.m. EST and concludes by 4 pm the same day.  If the class moves smoothly and everyone absorbs the material there we can prepare for the exam and test before noon on the same day. 

Price includes all fees.   A link to the pdf of "Book One" is shown below:  NOTE that when you try that link it MAY send us a notice asking us to grant your access to the file.  If so, we will grant access right away and you will see an email telling you the link is open to you at the email you were using at the time. Otherwise, you should be able to download the file (Preview usually does not work due to the file size)

Testing at the end of the class will be overseen by Mike and all “paperwork” will be submitted to PERC directly by Mike.  

If you don’t already have an account with PERC you should sign up before class to review what they have.  It is easy and free. Go to  go to My Account and sign up.


Skill Assessments:   these are required to be completed within one year of the class by you or your company or a third party.  The cost of Skill Assessments is NOT INCLUDED with the class, we offer Skill Assessment sessions if needed.  Skill assessments get sent directly to the company with paper exams. The company must schedule skill assessments and when you complete online exams through PERC the company has to download skill evaluations and use a proctor to process the assessments.  Skills Evaluations no longer go to ITS rather they get sent to PERC and must be signed by a proctor. A proctor must do the evaluation. Reach out to us about a Skill Assessment session for ANY CETP BOOK: 914 645 9631 or email Mike at


Hardcopy of Book - Students may obtain a HARDCOPY - an option but not a requirement - of the Book at CETP 1.0 Basic Principles and Practices of Propane Book | at the following link for $29.40....


Minimum Students - There is no minimum student registration:  the class will run regardless of how many students sign up.


In Order:   The CETP curriculum is intended to be taken in sequence, meaning you take Book One, followed by the subsequent “books”.   We have had students take CETP “out of order”, meaning, for example, a student took 2.2 Bobtail BEFORE he or she had completed Book One Basic Principles.  Our experience has been a mixed bag:  some ace the exam and class;  others struggle keeping up and have failed the exam as a result.  

We do not encourage taking CETP out of order.   The knowledge from Book One is


SNIPPED - read the full document upon purchase or at the link above





02-22-22 CETP ACCELERATED Book One Basic Principles & Practices live, online, in

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