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03-29-22 to 03-30-22 CETP Book 4.2 live interactive instructor-led, online non-accelerated class and exam



  • Class and instruction

  • .pdf of the “book”

  • CETP Proctored Exam


Skill Assessment session for this class is available:   The Skill Assessment Session is a full day session using live streaming of the tasks to be completed. This is very similar to On The Job Training OJT. Download the skill assessment and provide a copy to your technician to assure he can perform or already has performed the covered tasks.  Ask us.


revised 030322


If you have purchased or are considering purchase of one or more registrations for the 03-29-22 to 03-30-22 CETP Book 4.2 live interactive instructor-led, online non-accelerated class and exam,  a summary of what you need to know is contained herein.  You may have already seen this on the store class description, or Mike Digiorgio or Shane Sweet  may have emailed it to you.


EASTERN STANDARD TIME:   please note that all classes and times indicated are Eastern Standard Time.   If you live in a time zone other than Eastern Standard Time, please note that your start time will not be the same hour.  For instance, if the class is published to start at 8 am EASTERN, and you live on the west coast of the US, your start time will be 5 a.m. local time


Pre-Class Checklist - See the pre-class checklist in Google Doc format at the following link -  See the pre-class checklist in pdf of the page above at


The original of this document can be seen at   You must read this entire document and be prepared for class.  Note the text of this document in the product description on the Store may be truncated due to site limitations, but the pdf of this document from the store download and the page at the link above are the same, full length, document.   The end of this document as shown on store product description text may have been “snipped” toward the end because the site limits the amount of text, so please make sure you read the ENTIRE document.


Get the pdf of the 4.2 book at this link:


Hard Copy of Book is optional - Product No. PRC-009402 - CETP 4.2 Placing Vapor Distribution Systems and Appliances into Operation is available in hardcopy from the PERC store.  PRC-009402 The training program focuses primarily on the procedure for placing a vapor distribution system into operation. Program available in a textbook and on-line e-learning format.  See


Non-Accelerated - This is NOT an ACCELERATED CLASS. See the overview of Accelerated classes at this link:


Preparation - Students and those registering students:  You must read this entire document and be prepared for class.   Regretfully, time constraints do not allow for accommodation of significant disruption or delays in class to assist individual students arriving for class without preparation.  Consider:   

  • failure to secure the required publications and have them ready for use in class.  Implications:  we cannot spend significant time during class assisting students with retrieving the supplied .pdf of the book or books.

  • failure to test your computer equipment and ensure its working order before class begins.  Implications:  The entire class relies on every student showing for class with his or her equipment ready to use.  We cannot spend class time addressing technical issues for individual students.

  • failure to have a PERC account set up before class -  with delay of exams resulting.  Implications:  Secure your individual PERC account before class.  Arrive for class with this already done.  We cannot spend class time addressing this for individual students.

  • failure to have a working camera and working microphone as class begins. Implications:  Camera and microphone and speakers/headset are essential to participate in class.

  • Use a Desktop computer, Laptop computer or Tablet.   We do not recommend the use of a Smartphone for general class sessions.


We reserve the right to release from class any student showing for class but not clearly prepared to participate without delay.  In that event, the student and company will forfeit the fees for that class.


CETP: In Order or Out of Order?:   The CETP curriculum is intended to be taken in sequence, meaning you take Book One, followed by the subsequent “books”.   We have had students take CETP “out of order”, meaning, for example, a student took 2.2 Bobtail BEFORE he or she had completed Book One Basic Principles.  Our experience has been a mixed bag:  some ace the exam and class;  others struggle keeping up and have failed the exam as a result.  

Therefore, we do not encourage taking CETP out of order.   The knowledge from Book One is essential to the Books that come after Book One and taking CETP “out of order” has created issues, including but not limited to slowing down the entire class at the expense of others, insufficient absorption of the material and failure of the exam for a subsequent book.  Should a student take CETP out of order, he or she does this at his or her own risk and we reserve the right to end a student’s session if he or she causes disruption of the class for others.   You, as the student or the person registering a student, agree to and acknowledge the implications of taking CETP “out of order”.  

SNIPPED-READ THE FULL DOCUMENT IN THE PDF sent upon purchase or at the links at top of this page




03-29-22 to 03-30-22 CETP Book 4.2 live interactive instructor-led, online class

  • ask us about training on HazMat, CETP Skill Assessments, Propane Cylinder Requalification testing, and more.  If we don't have it,  we can create it for you

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