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06-12 and 06-13 2024 CETP Book 2.2 Bobtail Non-accelerated class and exam.  NO SKILLS OPTION with this session.    live, online, instructor-led, non-accelerated class

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PDF - DOWNLOAD - You can download a pdf of the 179MB file CETP Book 2.2 at this link -  Note that when you try to access this file, you will not be able to preview the file but will be prompted to download the file, 179MB in size, to your computer.  In the event you are prompted to ask for access to that file, we get an email notice and will grant access to you.

Note the text of this document in the product description on the Store may be truncated due to site limitations, but the pdf of this document from the store download and the page at the link above are the same, full length, document.   The end of this document as shown on store product description has been snipped toward the end because the site limits the amount of text

If you have purchased or are considering purchase of one or more registrations for the CETP Bobtail 2.2 class and exam,  our live, online, instructor-led, non-accelerated class,  a summary of what you need to know is contained herein.  You may have already seen this on the store class description, or Mike Digiorgio or Shane Sweet  may have emailed it to you after your purchase.


NOT ACCELERATED - This is NOT an ACCELERATED CLASS. There is an overview of Accelerated classes at the link that follows, as a reference.

Book product ID is PRC-009210:   Updated to the most current edition of NFPA 58 and 49 CFR.The course is  primarily designed to train employees who deliver propane with a bobtail (cargo tank motor vehicle)


This course provides information for drivers who operate commercial motor vehicles to deliver propane. It provides practices and procedures that support many general delivery tasks. Primarily designed to train employees who operate a bobtail, the most common vehicle used for transporting and delivering propane to individual customers.

The topics covered are:

  • DOT Licensing and Driving Requirements

  • Vehicle Inspections, Identification, and documentation

  • Safely handling hazardous materials

  • Handling Out-Of-Gas Calls

  • Driving defensively

  • Vehicle parking, servicing and security

  • Bobtail equipment and systems, including cargo tank, gauges, valves, pumps, meters, delivery hoses and emergency discharge control equipment.

  • Presents detailed procedures for safely loading a bobtail using the plant pump.

  • Discusses DOT requirements for bobtail inspections.

  • Reviews the features and installation requirements of ASME tanks at customer locations.


TWO DAYS:  The live, online, instructor-led class will begin at 8 a.m. and conclude no later than 430 p.m. BOTH DAYS. The class will end with a vigorous study session that will involve all attendees and the instructor. The study session will be followed by the online exam.


BE READY - read this doc to ensure you or all students are ready to go when class starts:

PREPARE - Regardless of the student’s experience level, we suggest all students registering for this class do the following before class:

  • Read the module summaries

  • Answer the questions in all the module quizzes

  • Complete each module CHECK FOR UNDERSTANDING

  • Spend a reasonable amount of time on the following lessons;

    • all of module 4 lesson 3, 

    • module 7 lesson 2 & 3, 

    • module 8 lesson 2, 

    • module 10 lesson 2;  make sure you remember the tank size distance requirements,

    • module 11 lesson 1 and 2 are critically important together with lesson 3.  

Study and find answers to all the module quizzes, pre-exam study questions at the end of the book and review the terminology in the glossary.

Learn it well!


COST:  $249, per person, ($299 but on sale for $249).  This class may be on sale or eligible for discount coupons.   Fees include all materials, online live testing and instruction.  Price includes all fees.   A link to the pdf of "Book 2.2" is shown herein:  NOTE that when you try that link it could send us a notice asking us to grant your access to the file.  If this happens we will grant access right away and you will see an email telling you the link is open to you at the email you were using at the time.


PAYMENT - The store accepts Credit cards or Paypal.  The “offline payment” or “manual payment” essentially means you will pay by check or other means after you register via the store and before the class.  Your payment will be processed via PayPal or “Wix Payments” and will appear as Shane Sweet or Shane Sweet LLC on your card statement


LIVE - This CETP class is Live - not a recording, not a video - and will be led and instructed by Mike Digiorgio of Silverback Consulting, one of America's recognized propane instructors, consultants and trainers.


TIMES - The online class begins at 8 a.m. EST and concludes by 430 pm.  Our goal is to ensure the class moves smoothly and everyone absorbs the material so that we can start the exam no later than 3PM on exam day..  


TESTING- testing at the end of the class will be overseen by Mike.  The exams are completed online, in real time, during the class session.


DEVICES - For classes with online exams, please know that EACH student must have his or her own camera-ready  and  audio-ready PC, laptop,  desktop or tablet for the purposes of taking the examinations.


PERC ACCOUNT - If you don’t already have an individual account with PERC you should sign up before class to review what they have so you can take the exam at the end of the class.  It is easy to do and free. In advance of the actual class, Go to, then click Sign Up.  This takes but a few minutes.

Prepare to take the exam by setting up your account with PERC.    Go to  


SKILLS EVALUATIONS:  Due to the magnitude of the content and time constraint, this class DOES NOT INCLUDE COMPLETION OF THE SKILL EVALUATION for 2.2 Bobtail.   These are required to be completed within one year of the class by you or your company or a third party. Although Skill Assessment is NOT INCLUDED with THIS CLASS, we can assist


SNIPPED - If you are reading this text in the description on the Store, note that this text may have been truncated due to space limitations on the store itself,  and there is more to read (another few hundred words) after this paragraph.  The pdf - or the original Google Doc via the link above,  is the full length version of this summary.

06-12 and 06-13 2024 CETP 2.2 Bobtail class and exam non-accelerated

$299.00 Regular Price
$249.00Sale Price
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