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11-09-21 Virtual Skills Assessment Completion Class for CETP Book One Basic Principles and Practices Overview


Live, Online, instructor-led, interactive sessions


Next Skill Assessment Session for CETP Book One is November 9, 2021 

Session begins at 1 p.m. EST and ends at or about 3 p.m.  EST


See the original of this document at


Need to get your skills assessment done?  Do so in an efficient and timely manner. Virtual Hands-On training:  the ability to deliver hands-on learning to anyone, anywhere and live instructor led skills evaluations.


CETP Book One Basic Principles Skill Assessment Sessions:


  • Live, online, interactive and instructor-led

    no travel, no overnights

  • Offered starting at 1 p.m. EST and ending at 3 p.m. EST 

  • Allow the student to complete the Skill Assessment with a third party instructor

  • Result in the “paperwork” submitted on behalf of the student by the end of that session day

  • Speedy completion of the certification process and generation of the Book’s certificate by PERC

  • Sessions are limited to the specific Book as published.  Ask us about Skill Assessment Sessions for 2.2, 2.4, etc


    agree to begin the sessions with the 1.0 Basic Principles and Practices of Propane Performance-Based Skill Assessment 2020 document in hand.  Link to document HERE:

    agree to begin sessions with all the necessary equipment and tools to complete all the tasks referenced in the skills evaluation document.

    agree to REVIEW EACH AND EVERY TASK IN THE SKIlLS EVALUATION FORM AND BE THOROUGHLY PREPARED TO COMPLETE THE EVALUATION. If an attendee is not prepared having all the necessary tools and equipment to include trucks where applicable,  the attendee will not be able to complete the evaluation, will not be able to proceed with the session, and will forfeit the fee. The student will have to re register and pay again.

    agree to test their equipment BEFORE the session starts. For virtual skills evaluations you will need a smartphone or tablet with working camera and microphone and have the capability of showing the instructor the task being performed together with explaining the process. Many companies use coworkers working together to display the task being performed. Some companies leverage technology and use Go Protm or equivalent head mounted cameras with audio features. There are also virtual glasses with audio the instructor hears and sees everything through the glasses.  See the Zoom test link

    agree to the following:  Anyone showing up for the session and failing to complete items a thru d above may be asked to leave the session.   We cannot spend session time at the expense of the rest of the class attendees working through issues associated with individuals showing for the session and failing to complete the minimum requirements for the session.

  • Cost - $99 per student


Getting your Skills Assessments Done


Over the years we have seen countless instances where students of the seat up curriculum have successfully taken CETP classes, taken and passed the exam, only to have their actual certification never be completed.  The reason for this include:


  • the skill assessments were not completed for one reason or another including

    • the employee left the company and the assessments were not followed up

    • the company did not have a recognized Evaluator to process the Assessments

    • the assessment completions were simply forgotten

  • the skill assessments were conducted but the documentation was not submitted to PERC (at one time this was NPGA)

  • a year came and went and the necessary paperwork to PERC became inadmissible, requiring the process to start anew


In response , we are pleased to offer a series of skills assessments sessions available to anyone that has 


  • taken CETP classes and 

  • completed the exam and 

  • has yet to complete the final step skill assessment, evaluation and submission to the PERC council.


Generally , these sessions are no more than three hours in length but the offering for a specific “book” session is spelled out for the specific “Book” Skill Assessment offering.


Skill Assessment Sessions are available to anyone in the industry needing to get their skills assessment completed and submitted.


We are pleased to offer this new session to allow propane company, individuals and others to complete the Skills Assessment for CETP Book One Basic Principles in an efficient, cost-effective and competent manner


This class is led by Michael Digiorgio, one of the propane industry’s most recognized and respected trainers, educators and consultants.


This session will cover the topics described in the Skills Evaluation form and provide the student with all the necessary documentation to complete submission of their Skills Assessment to PERC and - following processing by PERC/ITS - receive their Certificate for Book One. 


If you are reading the .pdf file of this document, you have the entire document.  If you are reading this description on the “Store” product description please note this document may have been truncated there due to space limitations of the web site.  Read the .pdf or the original at the link at the top of this page to ensure you have everything.  


If you purchase the session the .pdf file link will be sent to you automatically as well.


TEST YOUR EQUIPMENT at - Click the Join button to launch Zoom. ...The test meeting will display a pop-up window to test your speakers. ...If you don't hear an audio reply, use the drop-down menu or click No to switch microphones until you hear the replay. ...Click Join with Computer Audio.  On September 16 we had a handful of students that were not prepared and had not tested their equipment, and this delayed the progress of that class.  Please test your equipment before class. 


We offer Skill Assessment sessions for the following CETP “Books” - ask us about other CETP Skill Assessment sessions


  • 1.0 Basic Principles and Practices of Propane

  • 2.2 Bobtail Delivery Operations

  • 2.4 Cylinder Delivery operations


TEXT SNIPPED - SEE THE FULL DOCUMENT at the link at top of page




11-09-21 Virtual Skills Assessment Completion for CETP Book One Basic Principles

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