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ALERT - Note this class had been set for 3-16-23 but has been rescheduled for 4-4-23


Pump Station Training - Dispensing Propane Safely – Small Cylinders, Autogas, Food Trucks, RVs and Mobile Homes Instructor-led Live, interactive, online training

Revised 03/27/23 MD-SMS



was 03/16/23; NOW April 4;  

10 a.m EST to 2 pm EST


4 Hours - This class on Dispensing Propane Safely is 4 hours long.  Ideal for propane “Pump Station” personnel.


Refresher  training is required every three years.


THIS DOC - You can see the full original Google Doc  at this link


Also read this about required materials:


Get the "Book" for class


Content - This Dispensing Propane Safely for Small Cylinders is designed to describe the process for inspecting, pre-fill, filling, post-fill for dispensing to small cylinders.


Certificates - Certificate of Attendance will be provided to all students completing the class.   Certificates will be sent by email to the email addresses associated with the registrations received by us.


One session - We are offering this class ONCE on the day noted.   


Skills - Skill Evaluations as seen in the CETP classes are not applicable to this training.  There is no Skill Evaluation “affidavit” for this training The inspecting and filling procedures are demonstrated very well with supporting video and animation.


Times - 

  • class begins at 10 a.m. EST and ends by 2 p.m. EST

  • Total hours actual instruction and testing:  4 hours

  • This is a Live, Online, Instructor-led Class

  • This session will not be recorded

  • All times are Eastern Standard Time (If you are other than EST, adjust your arrival accordingly


Objective/Goal - After you complete this Dispensing Propane Safely program you will be able to dispense propane into small cylinders, ASME tanks and motorhomes, and/or Autogas. This program is geared to non-industry professionals.


GET PDF - we will use the following book - UPDATE THE BOOK LINK WITH 2016 version HERE


Topics - 

  • Propane Safety

  • Pre fill inspection

  • Identifying cylinders

  • Purging cylinders

  • Filling ASME tanks and motor homes & recreation vehicles

  • Dispensing autogas

  • Propane Fires and Uncontrolled Gas Release



GENERAL - If you have purchased or are considering purchasing one or more registrations for this Instructor-Led Online Class,  a summary of what you need to know is contained herein.  You may have already seen this on the store class description, Mike Digiorgio or Shane Sweet  may have emailed it to you or we have shared the Google Doc master file with you.

Note that this text description as shown on the “Store” product description for this class may have been truncated due to the site's space limitations.  If you are reading the pdf of this text, or the master document in Google Docs, it is the full length version of this summary.

COST:  Per Person, the cost is $95.00 This includes all fees, as well as a pdf download of the “Book”, a 3-document combined PERC workbook of the newer PERC workbooks .  Price includes all fees.   A link to the pdf of "Book" is shown herein:  NOTE that when you try that link it could send us a notice asking us to grant your access to the file.  If you are prompted we will grant access right away and you will see an email telling you the link is open to you at the email you were using at the time.

PAYMENT:  The store accepts Credit cards or Paypal.  The “offline payment” or “manual payment” essentially means you will pay by check or other means after you register via the store and before the class.   If you have any problems with paying by card,  use the offline payment choice and we will invoice your company.   We have had reports of customers having issues with American Express for some reason.  Your payment will be processed via PayPal or “Wix Payments” and will appear as Shane Sweet or Shane Sweet LLC on your card statement

LIVE: This 4 HOUR class is Live - not a recording, not a video - and will be led and instructed by Mike Digiorgio of Silverback Consulting, one of America's recognized propane instructors, consultants and trainers.


SNIPPED - READ THE ENTIRE DOCUMENT at the PDF upon purchase of at the link at the top of this page


4-4-23 Pump Station Training - Dispensing Propane Safely 4 hour sessio

  • students must have the provided materials in hand to take the class.  Dont forget to download the materials or "book"

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