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Hazardous Materials Initial Training and Recurrent (Refresher) Training Classes Summary


The Federal hazardous materials transportation law (49 U.S.C. § 5101 et seq.), is the basic statute regulating the transportation of hazardous materials (hazmat) in the United States. This law requires the training of ALL hazmat employees. The purpose is to increase a hazmat employee's safety awareness and be an essential element in reducing hazmat incidents. The Hazardous Materials regulations (HMR) include training requirements in several sections of Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) as follows:

GENERAL: § 173.1

SPECIFIC: § 172.704

Air:  § 175.20,
Vessel:  § 176.13,
Highway:  §  and § 177.816


Class-Training date: 4-5-23


Choice of 

8:00 a.m. EST Initial Training (5 hours - $99)  


2:00 p.m EST Recurrent Training  (3 hours - $69)


Both the initial training and the recurrent a.k.a “refresher” training, are available, back to back, in one day


Sessions summary - revised 031623


If you have not registered for the date, see the store at to register.  You will see this document on the store product for the class.  A pdf of it will also be provided to you after purchase.


Note you can view the original of this document at the link


GET THE FREE PDF of the “Green Book” at this link...


This class provides HazMat training as required by 49 CFR §172.704


  • Live

  • Online

  • interactive

  • Instructor-led, not a video

  • Initial training is done in 5 hours or less

  • Recurrent “Refresher” done in 3 hours or less

  • $99 or $69 - choose the class(es) you need

  • Testing is part of the course & included in each module.

  • Provides written documentation of training requirements:

    • the hazmat employee’s name; 

    • the completion date of the most recent training;

    • training materials used (copy, description, or location); 

    • the name and address of the hazmat trainer; and 

    • certification that the hazmat employee has been trained and tested. 

  • .pdf of the book for download is included here:




Propane Bobtail drivers taking this class will find it helpful if they have already taken the CETP 2.2 Bobtail class.   


Combo 2.2 & Haz Mat:  We also offer the CETP 2.2 Bobtail class and exam Combined with this Haz Mat class.   Ask us


Training records must be retained for each hazmat employee for three years from the date of the last training, and for 90 days after the employee leaves.   Refresher (a.k.a “recurrent”) training must be documented every three years.


Start times:


8 a.m. EST morning session begins the Initial Training for new hires to meet the 90-day requirement -  Duration 5 hours - Cost $99


2 p.m. EST afternoon session begins the Recurrent Training - required every 3 (three) years  - for the Refresher requirement - Duration 3 hours - Cost $69


Not in the Eastern Standard Time zone?   Your U.S. time will be earlier that EST so make your calendar entry accordingly so you don't miss the start of the class.


Cost includes training classes and relevant materials in pdf format. Attendees can download the textbook  from the link we provide in this document.  There are NO OTHER FEES.


The “Initial Training” class - starting at 8 a.m. EST and lasting 5 hours - is for you if you 

  • -do not have “Relevant Training” from a previous employer with the records for your current employer

  • - are new to your current job and have not completed the Initial Training within 90 days of your start

  •  - need to generate documentation of training for your current job

This is a Live, Online, Instructor-led Class



  • Meet the requirements of 172.704 by completing the required training

  • Secure documentation of required training for your records

Certificate of Attendance will be provided to all students completing the class.   Certificates will be sent by email to the email addresses associated with the registrations received by us

More Details

If you have purchased or are considering purchasing one or more registrations for the

Hazardous Materials Initial Training and Recurrent (Refresher) Training Classes, both are Instructor-Led Online Classes.

A summary of what you need to know is contained herein.  You may have already seen this on the store class description, or Mike DiGiorgio or Shane Sweet may have emailed it to you after your purchase.

SNIPPED - Note that this text description as shown on the “Store” product description for this class may have been truncated due to site space limitations.  If you are reading the pdf of this text, it is the full-length version of this summary.


4-5-23 Initial or Recurrent Haz Mat Training for propane and heating oil compani

PriceFrom $69.00
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