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8-2-23 CETP 5.1 Designing & Installing Dispenser Transfer Systems class and exam


CETP NON-ACCELERATED Book 5.1 Designing & Installing Dispenser Transfer Systems live, online, instructor-led, interactive class & exam. There is no optional skill assessment for this class on the day or the class. Ask us about a stand-alone skill evolution completion fo this class.


revised 071923


If you have purchased or are considering purchasing one or more registrations for the CETP NON-ACCELERATED Book 5.1 Designing & Installing Dispenser Transfer Systems live, online, instructor-led, interactive class & exam, a summary of what you need to know is contained herein. You may have already seen this on the store class description (though it may have been truncated there), or Mike Digiorgio or Shane Sweet may have emailed it to you after your purchase.T


he original of this document can be seen at


GET THE PDF - You can download a pdf of the CETP Book 5.1 at this link -




NON-ACCELERATED - THIS IS A NON-ACCELERATED version of the Book 5.1 class. Completion, including the exam, is done in ONE DAY. Read our general explanation of Accelerated Classes at this link:


BE READY for CLASSES with propaneandoiltraining.comSee the latest version of our “Be Ready” document at


COST - Per Person, class and exam only, the cost is $299, however the class may be on sale in the store, discount coupons may be available or underwriting sponsorship may apply if we have one or more sponsors for this class. Ask us about multiple student discounts if you have 6 or more. Price includes all fees.


BOOK - --GET THE PDF - You can download a pdf of the CETP Book One at the link at the top of this page. All students must at a minimum have the pdf of the book for class. A link to the pdf of "Book One" is shown below: NOTE that when you try that link it MAY send us a notice asking us to grant your access to the file. If so, we will grant access right away and you will see an email telling you the link is open to you at the email you were using at the time. Otherwise, you should be able to download the file (“Preview” usually does not work due to the file size)


HARDCOPY OPTIONAL - Students may obtain a HARDCOPY - an option but not a requirement - of the Book at Product No. PRC-004225- CETP 5.1 Designing & Installing Dispenser Transfer Systems Book at this link:CETP 5.1 Designing & Installing Dispenser Transfer Systems Book | PERC ( you desire a HARDCOPY (optional) of the book, order it at the Propane Catalog site. Note you must show for class with the book in pdf or hardcopy


PAYMENT - The store accepts Credit cards or Paypal. Choosing the “offline payment” or “manual payment” choice on the cart checkout essentially means you will pay by check or other means after you register via the store and before the class. If you have any problems with paying by card, use the offline payment choice and we will invoice your company. We have had reports of customers having issues with American Express for some reason.Your payment will be processed via PayPal or “Wix Payments” and will appear as Shane Sweet or Shane Sweet LLC on your card statement


LIVE - This CETP NON-ACCELERATED class is Live - not a recording, not a video - and will be led and instructed by Mike Digiorgio of Silverback Consulting, one of America's recognized propane instructors, consultants and trainers.


TIMES - The online class begins at 8 a.m. EST and concludes by 4:30 p.m. for the one-day session.TESTING - at the end of the class will be overseen by Mike and all “digital paperwork” will be submitted to PERC directly online. The testing is done live and online following the class instruction.


DEVICES - For classes with online exams, please know that EACH student must have his or her own camera-ready and audio-ready PC, laptop, desktop or tablet for the purposes of taking the examinations.


PERC ACCOUNT - If the student does not already have an account with PERC he or she should sign up before class to review what they have. It is easy and free. Go to go to My Account and sign up.


SKILL ASSESSMENT & ACCELERATED CLASSES: Time constraint generally means that accelerated classes DO NOT INCLUDE the option to complete the skill evaluation. NON-ACCELERATED CLASS: The non-accelerated version of the Book 5.1 class does not allow you to choose, as an option, to complete the Skill Evaluation for Book 5.1. For non-accelerated 5.1, the evaluation may be done separately at a later time. Askus. Skill Assessment completion is required to be completed within one year of the class by you or your company or a third party. Historically, Skill Assessments have been sent directly to the company with paper exams and the company has then made arrangements to complete the skill assessments. Here, when you complete online exams through PERC the company has to download the skill evaluations and use a “skills evaluator” (not the same as a “proctor”) to process the assessments. Skills Evaluations must be signed by a PERC approved Skill Evaluator (again, not the same as a Proctor). A Skill Evaluator must do the evaluation. Reach out to us about a Skill Assessment session for ANY CETP BOOK: We offer scheduled Skills Completion sessions to anyone that needs them. The Book 1.0 Basic Principle & Practices exam MUST be completed to receive certification in any of the other CETP books. For example, 2.2 Bobtail, 2.4 Cylinder Delivery, etc., require Book One Basic Principles be completed to receive certificates for all books beyond the 1.0 Basics Principles & Practices class. We describe the completion of the Skill Assessment the “3rd step” of the CETP Book certification process.


NO MINIMUM - There is no minimum student registration: the class will run regardless of how many students sign up.


SEQUENCE - The CETP curriculum is intended to be taken in sequence, meaning you take Book One, followed by the subsequent “books”. We have had students take CETP “out of order”, meaning, 


SNIPPED - If you are reading this text in the description on the Store, note that this text may have been truncated due to space limitations on the store itself, and there is more to read (another few hundred words) after this paragraph. The pdf - or the original Google Doc via the link above, is the full length version of this summary.





8-2-23 CETP 5.1 Designing & Installing Dispenser Transfer Systems class and exam

  • All attendees need to be ready for class and must review  the text at the BE READY link in the class summary. Contact us no less than 24 hours from the start of class if any of the BE READY items are giving you trouble. 

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