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Product Description:    Fire Safety Analysis Services for Propane Marketers


Product Narrative:   Propane marketers operating bulk propane storage facilities are required to have an FSA done pursuant to NFPA 58.


Mike Digiorgio and Shane Sweet of offer propane marketers across the country a turn-key solution to engage an FSA consultant and get an FSA done quickly.   


A proper FSA is typically required by the local authority having jurisdiction and most insurance carriers for the propane marketer. A proper FSA in some instances could translate to insurance discounts.


The cost varies depending on your location and size of your facility, but choose from a number of basic packages:

$1500 - FSA for one bulk facility

$2000 - FSA for two bulk  facilities

$2500 - FSA for three bulk plant facilities

$Custom plans - If you need an FSA for 4 (four) or more  bulk plant facilities - contact us at for a discussion about your FSA needs and a quote.


We will develop a Fire Safety Analysis consistent with the requirements and guidance established in PERC’s FSA Manual for guidance outlined in NFPA 58.  The FSA is delivered in an electronic format for ease of reproduction, use and future modification.


This FSA service and delivered product is done electronically and virtually and uses commercial imagery software to drill down on property and plant details. Mike will work directly with the Customer and address any and all FSA-related questions that come up.


Upon engagement, we will contact the customer immediately to begin the process, and the customer will need to provide us with an electronic formatted drawing outlining the plant design.   This will be part of the final FSA document.


Note that the Fire Safety Analysis is not just for propane facilities. Every commercial building owner should complete a fire safety analysis.   It’s best to hire a qualified fire safety investigator to carry out this analysis and have the fire safety professional recommend safety measures where necessary.


The FSA should follow NFPA’s guidelines, and analysis includes,  but is not limited to, improved operational safety at the workplace.


Most FSAs can be completed quickly, but note the time to complete the FSA  varies depending on location and availability of data provided by Customer together with fire departments and water departments as it relates to fire hydrants and water supply.


Pre-purchase questions should be directed to 

Michael DiGiorgio or Shane Sweet

Mike Cell Phone  914 645 9631

Shane Cell Phone 802 558 6101


This FSA Service is sold via store starting June 2021

Fire Safety Analysis Services

PriceFrom $1,500.00
  • Fixed prices for one, two or three bulk facilties - If you have 4 or more we will provide you with a quotation. There is no obligation if we provide you a quote

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