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Testing available for CETP books


Original 9/25/22

Revised 9/25/22


If you need to complete the examination for any of the CETP "books", or need to retest because of a previous exam failed, you can take the exam for any of the CETP books online with us, live, and with a proctor.


No travel, no hotels, no windshield time.  All you need is a laptop, desktop computer or tablet.


For instance, if you need to complete the exam for 2.2 Bobtail, you can register with us to take that exam at any of the other CETP examinations we have scheduled.   For example, if we are testing a class for Book One Basic Principles & Practices on the 23rd of the month, you can register with us and take your exam (1,0, 2.2, 2.4, 4.1 etc)  on that day as well. 




OPEN SESSION EXAM OPTION: In this case we schedule you to take a proctored exam during any of our scheduled CETP classes.   You can see the coming classes on the store on,  or,  email us at  and we will inform you of available  dates.  Completing your proctored exam at any of our open CETP classes is $99.   There are no other fees.


Open sessions are classes and exams where other students will be testing as well.   Typically, the actual Exam session starts at Noon, however we will email and text you the day of the testing to let you know when you need to log in to complete the exam.


PRIVATE EXAM SESSION OPTION:  we can schedule a private exam session just for you or for your company only.  Completing your proctored exam at your Private Exam Session is $174 per person.   If you have more than 6 to test, we will provide you with a firm quote before the date and time is set.


Private Exam Sessions are scheduled at a date and time based upon your request.  Private sessions will include you only or only students from your company.   For instance, we will provide you with an Outlook invite and URL for you to login at the time and date agreed upon, and our PERC approved proctor will join the session for the purpose of proctoring the exam(s) at that time.


General Considerations:


All CETP examinations require the individual to have set up a individual PERC account for the online exam.   If you don't have an individual account set up, this needs to be done in advance of the actual test. If you arrive for the exam at the date and time specified, and do not have your accounts yet set up, we will not be able to test you on that day.


Unlike paper exams, the online examination yields the test scores immediately. There is no waiting to find out whether you passed or what your score was when you finish the exam. More importantly, if you fail the first time, you can retest immediately, right then and there.

You can register for any open sessions at the store at, or Email us at to begin the process.


Payment is due on or before the date of the exam, regardless of whether it is an Open Session or a Private Session.   Payment can be made via credit card, debit card, Apply Pay, PayPal at the time of purchase on the store or online via the invoice sent to you upon purchase.  We do accept checks via U.S. Mail.


Contact us at any time.


  • Live, online exams

  • Proctored by a PERC approved Proctor

  • No paper

  • Instant results and scores

  • If you fail the exam you can take it again immediately, no waiting, right then and there

Testing for CETP Exams

PriceFrom $99.00
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