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January 19, 2023 “PAOT” is giving its training customers the option to complete their CETP Skill Evaluations for all of its CETP Book 1.0 Basic Principles & Practices classes in 2023.


2023 CETP Basic Principles & Practices PAOT class registrants will be given the option to choose whether the student uses the Skills Completion Session immediately after successfully passing the exam.


Skill Evaluations are the last step in obtaining a Certificate for CETP modules or “books” taken and students have a year from the time of passing the exam to submit the completed Skills Evaluation affidavit.  Otherwise the student must re-take and pass the exam and again submit the skills affidavit.


Skill Evaluations must be completed by an authorized Skills Evaluator.   An online class to become a recognized Evaluator is available from the PERC Learning Center.

Anyone with questions about Skill Evaluation completion can contact

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